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Social Integration of Religious Minorities in KP

Aawaz-II Provincial Consultation

23 February 2022, Peshawar

Aawaz-II’s district dialogues commemorating the World Interfaith Harmony Week in early February 2022 identified critical issues faced by non-Muslim citizens in KP. At the Aawaz-II Provincial Consultation on 23 February 2022 about 100 women & men representing different religious minority communities from 9 KP districts prepared policy & budget recommendations to respond to these issues. These were presented to three legislators who represent them in the KP Assembly: MPAs Mr. Ravi Kumar (PTI), Mr. Wilson Wazir (PTI) and Sardar Ranjeet Singh (MMA). Recommendations for secure worship places, graveyards and shamshan ghats were made. Equal opportunities for employment were also demanded. The legislators welcomed the opportunity to interact with citizens from across the province on issues they faced. They reiterated their commitment to work together for better opportunities for all religious minorities so that better social integration may be achieved in KP.