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Founded in 2000, Omar Asghar Khan Foundation’s skilled and experienced team of professionals works with local communities, civil society and governments. Using democratic innovations like social accountability and inclusive budgets, the Foundation has proven capacity to open channels of citizen engagement that make governance responsive, increase trust in public institutions and help people make a difference in their lives. The Foundation also combines learning, connecting, communicating and actions to promote social inclusion, climate resilience and poverty reduction. Primacy to the voices and interests of the poor is at the heart of the Foundation’s work.


The Foundation’s core competencies include:

Analysing public budgets to help make the management of public resources fair and transparent.
Equipping and energizing civil society to use social accountability to help citizens, especially the poor, assess public spending & services and claim their improvements.
Facilitating participatory analysis and planning to assist communities to take actions that increase their resilience and well-being.
Expanding citizen alliances and promoting dialogue & understanding on equality of rights, resources and opportunities.
Using creative communications to increase visibility and appeal to catalyse greater actions for responsible governance and social inclusion.

The Foundation has a national outreach, with its strongest presence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has offices in Abbottabad (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) and the capital Islamabad.


A democratic and peaceful society based on the values of equity, tolerance and justice in which all people are assured a life of quality.


To strengthen the resilience of citizens – particularly the most vulnerable – so that they can claim their rights from the state, counter violent extremism, and reduce the burden of poverty.

Latest news

16th Meeting Of Aawaz II’s Provincial Forum In KP

16th Meeting of Aawaz II's Provincial Forum in KP

19 March 2024, Peshawar Since its inception in 2020, Aawaz II’s Provincial Forum in KP…

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Aawaz II Nominations For Child Protection Committees 14 Districts Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Aawaz II Nominations for Child Protection Committees 14 Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

8 March 2024, Peshawar The Executive Committee of Aawaz II's Provincial Forum in KP formally delivered Aawaz II’s nominations for…

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Aawaz II Learning And Sharing Fourm Integrating Behaviour Change & Community Engagement In Policy & Programming On GBV, Child Marriage & Social Cohesion

Aawaz II Learning and Sharing Fourm Integrating Behaviour Change & Community Engagement in Policy & Programming on GBV, Child Marriage & Social Cohesion

5-6 March 2024, Islamabad More than 200 community partners of Aawaz II from Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa attended the Learning…

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Taking Stock WVLO Core Design Team Meeting

Taking Stock WVLO Core Design Team Meeting

5 March 2024, Karachi Shirkat Gah-Women’s Resource Centre, Collective for Social Science Research, Omar Asghar Khan Foundation and Ms. Kausar…

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