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Established in 1999, Omar Asghar Khan Foundation is a public advocacy organization helping build a state that is responsive to its citizens. The Foundation works across Pakistan, with its strongest field-base in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It has a staff of about 40 and offices in Islamabad and Abbottabad.

The Foundation fundamentally understands how to engage citizens and civil society in demanding and promoting a functioning democracy, in which government is accountable, citizens are active participants, and civic space is effectively used to promote tolerance. To this end, our core competencies include:

analyzing public budgets and making clear to citizens and decision-makers the implications and consequences of public finance decisions, particularly as they relate to equitable and transparent distribution of resources.

developing citizen and civil society capacity to engage with government, by learning to advocate effectively and by monitoring government performance and holding it to account.

mobilizing the public, providing space for debate and building coalitions in order to amplify the voice of the marginalized, and giving citizens the tools to do the same.

creatively using new and traditional media and cultural tools to engage citizens in promoting social cohesion and tolerance.

engaging citizens in cost-effective community infrastructure development, building their capacity to work together and reducing barriers to mobility and employment.


A democratic and peaceful society based on the values of equity, tolerance and justice in which all people are assured a life of quality.


To strengthen the resilience of citizens – particularly the most vulnerable – so that they can claim their rights from the state, counter violent extremism, and reduce the burden of poverty.

Latest news

Call For Proposal

Call for Proposal

Vendors are requested to send your proposals/quotations (inclusive of all government taxes) for: upto 250…

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Flood 2022 Response

Flood 2022 Response

Donate for Flood.

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Training CSOs In Budget Analysis & Advocacy

Training CSOs in Budget Analysis & Advocacy

7 Pakistani CSOs working on VAWG, women's rights, healthcare, education & governance attended a five-day intensive training on budgets facilitated…

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Women Activists Present 22 Public Petitions

Women Activists Present 22 Public Petitions

A new DWSS was demanded for Village Gali Banian which does not have sufficient supply as it is at the tail-end of four villages that is served by an existing scheme.

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