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WLG Training & Networking

Under She Can Lead, implemented with Oxfam and two other NGOs, the Foundation supported a series of activities involving Women Leaders Groups (WLGs) from Districts Abbottabad, Haripur & Mansehra. 27 WLG members, three representatives of women’s and HR groups and 14 staff from Oxfam and the Foundation attended the events. They reviewed SCL’s journey since 2017. Then participants were trained in democratic governance and active citizenship. They discussed the importance of documentation like CNICs. Networking opportunities were provided to participants through an interactive session with  Ms. Nasreen Azhar who discussed the inspirational struggles of the Women’s Action Forum. “Women actively participated in the independence movement which set in motion the women’s movement,” Ms. Nasreen Azhar.

The WLG members reviewed manifestoes of key political parties contesting the 2018 election, and prepared a Charter of Demands listing their policy priorities. They also prepared action plans of activities to be undertaken in their areas/districts.