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Voices of the Vulnerable: KP Budget FY2022-23

Aawaz II Provincial Consultation

28 June 2022, Peshawar

Omar Asghar Khan Foundation as the KP Provincial Lead of Aawaz II and the Sub-National Governance Programme jointly organized the consultation. It brought together 64 representatives of vulnerable groups and district partners (40 male, 21 female & 3 transgender persons) from 9 Aawaz II districts to discuss the interests of women, PWDs, transgender & religious minorities that need a budget response. These included, increased job quota for PWDs, availability of funeral/cremation facilities for religious minorities, better access to CNICs for transgender persons, and, improved shelters for survivors of VAWG. In his concluding comments, Mr. Islah-ud-Din, Deputy Secretary, Social Welfare Department, shared some ongoing efforts by the Department like installation of ramps to make government buildings accessible to PWDs. He appreciated the opportunity to engage with vulnerable groups and assured participants that the government will make every effort to respond to their recommendations.