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Training on Analyzing Public Budgets with a Gender Lens

Fempower Pakistan

17-18 February 2021, Lahore

The Foundation is helping its Fempower-Pakistan partners: Shirkat Gah, Simorgh and Anthro Insights to build skills for analysing public budgets with a gender lens. On 17-18 February 2021, it facilitated a training workshop in Lahore for about 20 reps of the partner organizations. Drawing on its extensive work in KP and also global experiences, the Foundation used a case-study methodology to help participants develop skills in budget analysis. In groups, participants analysed different aspect of the FY2020-21 budgets of Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. The Foundation also shared its analysis of KP’s budget FY2020-21.

The partners also discussed issues that could help develop a framework for analyzing the provincial budgets under Fempower-Pakistan. Budget analysis will be combined with social accountability actions to provide analysis of budgets and their reflections on-the-ground.