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Khuli Kutchery

The Foundation organized a khuli kutchery in Tehsil Municipal Hall Pabbi in District Nowshera in collaboration with the District Nazim’s office. The event was chaired by the District Nazim and was attended by 121 people, including 47 women. 140 resolutions were prepared for the khuli kutchery, of which about 60 were directly presented by applicants. Of these 32 related to drinking water, including demands for constructing hand pumps and repairing water supply. Calls to construct sewerage lines were also made. Citizens also demanded installation of streetlights. “We need a flood protection wall in village Chok iMamraiz. Any exceptional rise in water levels in the stream near our village inundates houses and fields, causing excessive damage,” said an applicant, fearful of reliving the miseries caused by the 2010 floods in this areaThe District Nazim directed relevant departments to resolve those issues on priority basis. Extensive pre-event preparations were made. These included meetings with LAs: District Nazim & Naib Nazim, VC/NC Nazims, Deputy Commissioner, ADLGs, etc. as well as with the Foundation’s CSO partners.