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COVID-19: the Foundation’s Response 2020-21

The Foundation has consistently tried to contribute to efforts of preventing the spread of Covid-19. The following provide some highlights:

March 2020: The Foundation designed and implemented a public service campaign to help people adopt protective measures against Covid-19. Messages were displayed on billboards and banners across 12 KP districts. This campaign was supported by the European Union by diverting funds from its ongoing project; Citizen Engagement for Responsive & Accountable Governance.

March 2020: The Foundation & its partners in 12 KP districts joined thousands across Pakistan to pay public tribute to health workers & other frontline warriors leading the fight against COVID 19
کامیاب رہو ہر قدم
قوم کی عزت ہو تم۔۔۔

April 2020: The Foundation made available 100 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) suits for health providers and personnel of other essential services in District Abbottabad.

June 2020: The Foundation arranged installation of 43 handwash units in selected public places of Districts Abbottabad, Haripur and Mansehra in collaboration with the district administration. These facilities were supported by Oxfam and Australian Aid. They aimed to promote better hand hygiene and prevent the spread of Covid-19. The asymmetrical customized design of the unit helped children and people on wheelchairs benefit from them. Soaps, hand sanitizers and masks were also distributed, with Oxfam’s support.

July-August 2020: Another set of billboards and mounted placards were designed and displayed urging people to wear masks and maintain physical distancing.

November-December 2020: The stock of soaps was replenished for another three months to ensure that more than 40 hand wash units in Districts Abbottabad, Mansehra & Haripur are functional to help prevent escalation of cases during the second wave of Covidd-19.

December 2020: 300 streamers were designed and produced at the request of the District Administration Abbottabad to help their efforts to enforce/encourage compliance with Covid-19 SOPs.

January 2021: A free PCR testing camp was held in Abbottabad in collaboration with the District Administration & Excel Labs. 93 tests were conducted in a single day — all results were negative.