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Aawaz-II Provincial Forum’s 6th Meeting

The Provincial Forum reviewed its past year’s work and achievements. This included: (a) bringing all key government and non-government stakeholders together on a platform; (b) creating understanding & visibility of Aawaz-II: its objectives, strategy & institutional structure from villages to the province; and, (c) specific interventions in Aawaz-II themes: GBV, early/forced marriage & child protection as well as cross-cutting focus on vulnerable groups. The meeting also defined key interventions to be taken including follow up on resources for implementation of the DV & CPW laws and improved two-way communication between districts and the province. Dr. Riffat Sardar, Chair of the PF & the KPCSW, Mr. Altaf Hussain, Deputy Secretary-SWD, Mr. Ijaz Khan-Deputy Chief-KPCPWC and other senior government officials and CSO reps participated in the meeting in-person and online.