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Omar Asghar Khan Foundation established in 1999 has a staff of 41 and offices in Islamabad and Abbottabad (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). In the 12 years since its inception the Foundation has evolved from its humble beginnings into a national advocacy organization helping citizens assert their citizenship rights and demanding equal opportunities for all without any discrimination based on gender, class, religion or clan. Its programme is organized around three pillars:
  1. Organizing citizens and developing their leadership potential represents the very essence of our work. We are presently working with an estimated 50,000 farmers, labour, students, teachers, researchers, lawyers,doctors, traders, small and medium entrepreneurs, businesspersons, political workers and journalists. They are organized through more than 1,000 citizen organizations, primarily in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but also across Pakistan. They are the Foundation's primary partners and a reflection of its approach of working in collaboration. This also helps achieve wider impact while keeping overhead costs at a minimum.
  2. Promoting citizen activism and public accountability is the heart of the Foundation's work. It brings together citizens and their organizations to form citizen coalitions with a view of converting social capital into political capital. The Foundation has played a leadership role.....
Account Title:   Omar Asghar Khan Foundation
Current Account: 0030445261000455
Bank: MCB Bank (1028)
Super Market, Islamabad-Pakistan
Tax Exemption: 6043/ATD/2008-09
All cash contributions are tax exempt
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