THQ Pattan Kohistan Naya Pakistan
Live with Talat 10 April 2016
10th Anniversary of Earthquake 2005
live Infocus Dawn News: 27 October 2015
Special Programme on Earthquake 2015
live Naya Pakistan with Talat Hussain on Geo News:
26 October 2015
Pushing Governments to Act
KP Budget 2013-14
Live with Talat Hussain on Express News: 22 June 2014
A 20 mins video of Aman Ittehad
Building a nation that cares, 2011
A 4 mins video of Pakistan Flood, 2010
A 4 mins video of Aman Ittehad, 2010
A 5 mins video of Aman Ittehad song by Arieb Azhar, 2011
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