Khuli Kutcheri for Women

Public Petitions based on Social Accountability Plans (SAPs)
27 June 2022, Haripur
31 women leaders and other activists representing 9 Haripur CSOs including members of the Area Support Network created under Fempower Pakistan were assisted by the Foundation to present 51 public petitions for improvements in drinking water, healthcare, waste disposal and other public services at a Khuli Kutchery organized by the District Administration in Haripur. One of the petitions was for a vocational centre in Village Pedhana to help local women and girls, mostly from poor households, gain skills for enterprise development.
The khuli kutchery was chaired by the AC Haripur, Ms. Aska Fatima, and also attended by officials from the Education, Local Government, Agriculture, C&W, Public Health & TMA. The Women Desk Officer Haripur was also present.