Building Capacities in Social Accountability.
Training CSOs from KP’s districts Mansehra & Battagram




17 women and 49 men from 25 CSOs from districts Mansehra and Battagram participated in a Social Accountability training on 20-22 December 2017.

This training was part of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to build capacities in social accountability of more than 100 CSOs in 12 districts of KP.  Social Accountability is a broad range of actions & mechanisms used by citizens & CSOs to hold public officials & service providers to account. It helps citizens engage with governments to address public grievances with services like the provision of drinking water, the functioning of healthcare centers and schools. The training helped CSOs become familiar with the evolution of social accountability and ways in which it can help improve development and service delivery outcomes in their areas. They also learned communication and negotiation skills. They were introduced to KP’s local government structure and the Right to Information Act 2013. Trained CSOs prepared Social Accountability Action Plans to address problems identified in their villages, neighbourhoods and districts.