The Foundation works with people in very poor areas to develop cost-effective infrastructure and improve local conditions. This includes drinking and irrigation water, roads and pathways, bridges and community hydro-power plants. Each intervention supports the Foundation’s core objective of strengthening local leadership and institutions. It is in synergy with the other pillars of the Foundation’s work as it emphasizes the core values of discussion, inclusiveness, consensus-building and accountability. Development interventions also emphasize the Foundation’s core value of equity, for example, through the focus on the poorest villages, households and individuals.

In 2015-20, the Foundation’s infrastructure work will create lessons of how cost-effective, small-scale, community-driven infrastructure projects that can materially ease poverty. These will be widely-known and emulated. Specifically, the Foundation will achieve:

Infrastructure in selected vulnerable communities of Hazara will have been cost- effectively addressed in a participatory manner.
Participating communities will have learned important lessons about inclusiveness, decision-making and accountability and will better advocate for similar accountability from the government.
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